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Analytical Psychology

The extensive experience of the psychotherapists at Mayfair Online Therapy allows us to offer a variety of treatment options and methods, based on the needs of the individual client. One that is most effective for both in-person and online therapy is Analytical Psychology.

The Basics of Analytical Psychology

Analytical psychology was developed by Carl Gustav Jung. According to Jung, the experiences of a patient's lifetime are critical to the treatment of problematic issues. The psychotherapist becomes an analyst, working closely with the patient to explore the memories and life events contributing to the challenges they now wish to overcome.

In Jungian psychotherapy the mind includes both a conscious and an unconscious (or subconscious) component. When the conscious and unconscious are out of harmony, a sense of deep and prevalent distress or discontent is felt by the individual. This lack of harmony or balance between the conscious and unconscious often reveals itself in self-destructive types of behaviours, including alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addictions or addiction to food. It is the physical representation of the internal discord.

Lack of harmony in the mind can also result in other generalised or specific types of anxieties. People may experience anxiety or depression that seems to be randomly triggered, but that in reality has a deep connection to experiences from childhood or earlier on in life.

Jung's work focused on symbolism and the power of dreams as a way to see into the subconscious. Jung's work allows the psychoanalyst to ask the questions and to guide the client into learning more about his or her motivations and behaviours.

The Goal of Analytical Psychology

Analytical psychology is typically lengthy in nature, allowing time for the psychoanalyst and client to explore repressed or suppressed memories that are hurtful, shameful, or cause guilt and emotional distress. Through conversations with a compassionate, supportive and collaborative therapist, the client is able to address these memories of past traumatic events and develop an understanding of how they are moulding and shaping the way they think and behave today.

Through the therapeutic process these memories are brought to the surface and examined in a safe, confidential environment. Bringing the memory of events from the unconscious to the conscious creates balance and harmony in the mind, eliminating feelings of distress and emotional disconnect.

Traditionally, analytical psychology is completed through in-person sessions. Today, thanks to the availability of technology it is now possible to attend online sessions. Mayfair Online Therapy uses secure and safe technology to meet with clients throughout London, the United Kingdom and around the world. The choice of online sessions for treatment is ideal for those who cannot travel, are anxious in new places, or frequently travel for business or pleasure. The choice of online therapy is an ideal option in times of social distancing, or when attending in-person sessions is not practical.

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