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The Treatment of Sex Addiction

Sex addiction (also known as sexual addiction) is found in both men and women. It can occur in adults of any age, though it is most commonly diagnosed in adult males.

Sex addiction should not be confused with sexual offences; the two are very different in nature. Sexual addiction is defined as compulsive action or thoughts around a sexual act. People with sexual addiction may view pornography, engage in specific sexual activities or use phone or computer sex services on an ongoing basis. They engage in these behaviours even at the risk of losing a job, a relationship, their family, or their health. The individual is able to recognise the behaviour is problematic and is destructive to themselves and their lives, but the compulsion to engage in the behaviour controls their response.

The compulsive or out-of-control nature of a sexual addiction is similar to the need for an alcohol or drug addict to continue to use. As with alcohol and drug use, different individuals may engage in specific behaviours around the sex addiction. For some people this behaviour may escalate or evolve over time, becoming increasingly higher-risk and requiring them to seek out more stimulating situations and experiences.

Sexual addiction can have a dramatically negative impact on an individual's life. He or she may fantasise about behaviour, or even view internet pornography at their place of employment. For some individuals working may become secondary, as their days are spent planning for or engaging in their addiction.

At the same time, people with sexual addiction may feel profound guilt, shame, embarrassment and remorse after engaging in the behaviour. They may go to great efforts to hide their compulsive behaviour from partners, spouses, friends and family. It can be very difficult for these people when the addiction is brought to light. Unfortunately, this is often through the loss of a job, an arrest, or other similar events.

Online Treatment Options

Talking therapy or psychotherapy, and particularly CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), are effective treatment options in addressing the thought patterns driving compulsive behaviours.

Many adults with sex addiction also have other underlying mental health issues. This may include a past history of childhood abuse and trauma, or individuals who grew up in homes with parents experiencing addictions, or parents who were absent or negligent. It is also common for individuals with sex addiction to struggle in controlling alcohol or drug use. Depression and anxiety can occur concurrently with sex addiction, and these are conditions that when diagnosed can also be treated with online psychotherapy.

Online treatment for sex addiction allows the client to talk to a therapist or counsellor from the comfort of his or her own home; also a consideration when client privacy is a concern. There is no need to come into our offices for sessions, protecting the client's identity beyond the traditional confidentiality requirements.

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