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How Online Therapy Works

Online psychotherapy and counselling is now a recognized health practice, commonly used by therapists across the world. Technology connects a psychotherapist or counsellor to their client and provides a safe, secure and confidential way to hold a session.

The Benefits of Online Therapy

There are several advantages to online psychotherapy, and in times of social distancing - including events such as the COVID-19 pandemic - an online approach can prove highly beneficial. It allows a therapist to continue to working with their current clients, free from health concerns, and to safely accept new clients into their practice.

At Mayfair Online Therapy we have successfully used Internet-based therapy for several years. We were one of the first psychotherapy practices to embrace this technology and to support our clients with online sessions. Our psychotherapists and counsellors have extensive experience in online treatment, and we use it frequently with clients who travel as part of their business or personal life, or those who live outside the Mayfair area. We also use online therapy with clients who have difficulty in leaving their home.

With online therapy the individual remains in comfortable surroundings, which helps reduce or eliminate the anxiety people can feel when leaving their home, travelling through the city or being in an unfamiliar environment.

The First Step to Getting Started

As with all types of therapy (including face-to-face sessions), the first step is for the patient to make contact with our office. Over an initial phone call we'll discuss the online therapy process and provide information on the practical specifics of sessions, as well as answering any questions you might have.

This is also when we'll discuss the cost of sessions. Online therapy is a prepaid service and in the UK and for many clients outside the UK, major private health insurance companies will pay for online sessions just as they do for in-person psychotherapy.

At the conclusion of this brief overview of the process we will agree a time for your first appointment. We offer flexible hours for our online services and can accommodate most schedules and time zone differences.

Technology Requirements & Setting

Thanks to the common use of smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers, most people already have all the technology they need to begin an online session. However, before we start it is essential to ensure you'll have access to a reliable Internet connection, to avoid any problems with audio and video during calls.

In addition, the client should think about confidentiality and their own privacy, in being able to speak freely to the psychotherapist or counsellor. A quiet, private space is the best option, and allows for the greatest level of confidentiality throughout the session. Find a comfortable space where you can relax and focus. Avoid having distractions in the room with you that may take away from your ability to work with your therapist.

Your session is not recorded unless you and the therapist have agreed to a recording in advance, and you understand the purpose of the recording.

The Benefits of Online Psychotherapy

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