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Privacy Notice

Mayfair Online Therapy works in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP). This notice is designed to let clients know what information is collected, how it is used and how we protect our clients' information.

What Information Is Collected

Mayfair Online Therapy collects information of a personal and confidential nature on our clients which is used to provide treatment. This information can include:

  • Personal information such as a name, DOB, address, phone number and other identifying information
  • A record of appointments, visits, and phone or Skype meetings
  • Details of the treatment plan and notes and reports on sessions
  • Information about other professionals involved in your care.

Other information as required for treatment may also be collected. This may include information about your health, race, sexuality, disabilities, prior mental health treatment or relevant health conditions and medications.

The information may be collected by phone, from records from past treatment or directly from you.

How Your Information Is Used

Information collected over the phone for the initial appointment is used exclusively to set up the appointment. It is not shared with other services or used in any type of marketing efforts by Mayfair Online Therapy or passed on to any other services, professionals or third parties.

Your information obtained in sessions is used in your treatment. In addition, it may be used to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment plan
  • Ensure the best treatment methods are in use
  • Evaluate and assess progress
  • Monitor and measure progress and change
  • Ensure the best possible care.

How Your Information Is Protected

All personal information in hard copy form is maintained in secured cabinets in the offices of Mayfair Online Therapy. All information stored in electronic form is encrypted and maintained in secure storage with restricted assess through passwords and security protocols.

Additionally, all professionals working at Mayfair Online Therapy are bound to the ethical and confidentiality policies of the BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists), HPC (Health Professionals Council) and the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) with regards to patient confidentiality protocols.

For more information on the GDRP policy and the rights of individuals, please see the Information Commissioner's Office at

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